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Remember that we are able to offer school holiday care for children up to six years of age. Lots of fun and activities to be had for the children.

Fantastic large outside playground to enjoy the spring weather.

Contact us if you requre school holiday care for your children and please let all your friends know that we have spaces available.

As a parent, you want the absolute very best for your child. You want them to grow, to nurture and to learn, giving them the skills they need to have the best head start in life. Give them a kick-start in their education with our professional childcare program, offered by Bright Minds, Auckland brightest childcare centre. Bright Minds is an especially designed childcare program, designed to offer children a safe haven to learn, grow and play. Explore our Bright Minds education and childcare centre when you call the team and book your child in today!

Children playing game
Children doing funny dance

A fully catered learning program

Our qualified team of teachers are fully committed to creating the perfect learning environment for your kids. We design our activities to work around your child’s interests and abilities, creating a wholesome and naturally progressing learning experience for all. We work around your child’s natural ages and stages to create a program that grows with your child, so that by the time they’re ready to leave at age 5, they can head into school with a more firm understanding of the world. Instead of teaching kids things directly, we equip them with the skills to learn how to learn, so they can use the same principles in the real world. Explore our range of childcare education services today when you call the team at Bright Minds!

All ages and stages

From 5 months old to 5 years old, our childcare program grows with your child, offering them professional guidance and education right up to the day they start “big” school. Not just a play centre or preschool, our childcare business offers children a warm and vibrant place to learn, grow and share. Conveniently located, in Auckland, our childcare centre is perfect for commuters and those with busy hours. Just drop your child into the centre whenever you need to: our expansive opening hours make drop off and pick up a breeze.

Give your child the best kick-start in life: call Bright Minds on 09 528 7629!